What Educators Are Saying About SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT OnLINE

“…In times of limited resources, contributions such as yours make an incredible difference in what’s available to our students. Your generosity has made it possible for teachers to provide students with real world connections to science in the workplace. Teachers have expressed that students are able to see the relevancy of science content when viewing and interacting with the videos. Your commitment to our schools and students has been greatly appreciated” E. Green, Science Curriculum Specialist Charleston County School District

“…On behalf of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, I would like to thank you for supporting us through the sponsorship of Science Screen Report sent for our teachers and students. We distributed the materials to our teachers through our school site science department chairs and lead teachers and have received nothing but positive reviews. The videos are relevant, aligned with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and with our district’s goal of providing every student with the best STEM education in the country. The topics addressed made science come alive for our students and engaged them to consider and pursue careers in science. Thank you and we look forward to our ongoing collaboration for next school year” Cristian Carranza, Executive Director, Dept. of Mathematics and Science

“… the segments are short but packed with lots of information and the students have found them very engaging. The students and I have learned unique facts and information on the wide variety of topics the clips cover. It was not possible to come to any consensus in any of my classes about which was the overall favorite segment since each one had relevant information and were fun to watch. The Red Crab Migration and the Acid Caves received the most commentary from students because of the unusual wild life that was featured in each. Pluto was the other overall favorite, as is anything to do with space” Jean Littleton, Seattle Schools

“…With the current financial situation it is almost impossible to take students on field trips, so the next best thing to being there is to educate the students through current and timely science videos. It is refreshing to see local businesses that are willing to devote materials, goods, or time to help out our public schools. It sets a wonderful example for students to see others share and help. Your organization is an asset to our community and, as such, deserves to be recognized” Venetta Schang, Hobbs Middle School

“…And speaking as a parent now, not a school librarian, I especially appreciate the range of careers shown in these videos. Watching these people at work could be a turning point for some students as they narrow their career choices, my own included. Seeing these professionals doing interesting, vital work is confirmation that the sciences are abundant with possibilities for their futures” Rita Schopmeyer, Harrison-McCutcheon High School

“… From the teacher’s perspective, the style chosen in producing these (episodes) is perhaps their best feature. Whenever a visual image can be presented to students, we know we get better results in terms of what the children absorb. Yet, we are also very concerned about taking up valuable class time by showing half hour or longer videos. The Science Screen Reports series provides us with shorter, more direct videos that have a powerful impact and do not take an entire class period to “get to the point”. The topics covered make them even more valuable as they tie directly into the Mass. State Frameworks and cover a wide range of subjects which make them valuable throughout the entire school year. Nicolas Civitarese, Science Dept. Chairman, Hamilton-Wenham Schools

“…My name is Mr. White and I am the very proud teacher at Oyler High School in Cincinnati, where your Science Screen Report DVD series has found a new home. I am writing to you to show my sincere appreciation for choosing our students and school with the sharing of your wonderful product…..the videos will most closely match our student’s regular curriculum and will allow me to point them toward careers in the fields expressed in the series. I believe then they will be a great asset and at that time I hope to use them to prep for our standardized test as well as hands-on projects that we are involved in…” Dorian White, Cincinnati Public Schools

“…I want to thank you for the science videos we have received due to your sponsorship. Having a variety of ways to provide material to our students is always important. Now, more than ever, students need ways to become engaged and interested. With support of people like you, we will be able to continue to give our students the finest education we can. I have personally made sure that each video showed up at the correct teacher’s room and they have each thanked me for these valuable teaching tools” Karen Armstrong, STEM Coordinator, Watkins Glen Schools

“…The current implementation of the Common Core Standards connects beautifully with the Screen Reports by enhancing classroom instruction and supporting students’ interest in all the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. Just like the screen reports, the standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our students need for success in college and careers” Debora Garrick, Elementary Curriculum Consultant, Calcasieu Parish School System


Established in 1970, SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT (SSR – secondary level) and SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT FOR KIDS (SSRFK – elementary level) are provided FREE OF CHARGE to schools and school districts nationwide through corporate sponsorship that we secure.  Fourteen new and exciting titles with accompanying teacher guides are distributed each school year.  We are in our 45th year of production, with over seven thousand school districts using our video based materials to promote science as an exciting and integral part of the way we live, work, and learn.

View our preview channel for samples and Teacher's Guides (Use password: STEM2015). If you believe SSR and SSRFK would complement your science curriculum, please complete the form below or call toll free:  1-800-ASK-INFO extension 201, and we will attempt to find a corporate sponsor to underwrite this valuable resource for your school.

For more information, please call 1-800-ASK-INFO extension 201.



For schools not currently in areas of active sponsorship, as well as home school associations and families, SSR and SSRFK programs may be purchased individually, in multi-title packages or by volume for a nominal fee.  View our preview channel for samples and Teacher's Guides (Use password: STEM2015)



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