What Corporations Are Saying About SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT OnLINE

"General Dynamics Advanced Technology Systems is proud to be a sponsor of SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT for Kids. We understand that the high-tech engineers and innovators that we will need tomorrow are the students of today. This learning tool is a great way to stimulate young imaginations." -- Dr. Charles E. McQueary, President, General Dynamics Advanced Technology Systems

“OMNOVA Solutions is a technology-based company and major innovator of decorative and functional surfaces, emulsion polymers and specialty chemicals produced by its Decorative & Building Products and Performance Chemicals businesses. The OMNOVA Solutions Foundation’s highest giving priority is education. We are very pleased to support Science Screen Report in schools throughout OMNOVA’s 13 communities.” - Ms. Theresa Carter, Executive Director, Omnova Foundation

“Other countries are doing more to shift incentives toward science training. The concern that CEOs have is if we wait for a Sputnik-like event, it’s very hard to turn around and get moving on the kind of timeline we would need. It still takes a minimum of 17 years to produce an engineer if you consider K-12 plus four years of college.” --Susan Traiman, Director of Education and Workforce Policy

“(SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT) is especially important to our industry, which relies so heavily on scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians, etc. We are pleased to be able to support this great program and thereby, help to assure a strong flow of students into post-high education in the sciences.” -- Bill Huber, Vice President, Human Resources, Goodrich Corporation

“SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT is a well-respected and proven educational tool that fits into my community relations budget and fits with the school's curriculum." -- Gail Peterson, OgdenMartin Systems

“We have to do a better job at the early ages to take the child and young person who isn't going to be the future engineer, but is going to be the future technician or serviceman….It's just a different ballgame; the 21st century is not the 20th century. The requirements are different. Even with the people who we would not think are college bound, to do what we consider the basics, still require more education. That education is in STEM.” --Joe Welch, CEO of ITC Holdings Corp.

“Being a SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT sponsor is an innovative way to provide the local school systems with up to date information pertaining to science. DSM Chemicals is proud to encourage students to give science a chance!” -- Richard Lawson, DSM Chemicals


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